NC Highway 194

Grading, Drainage, Paving and MSE Retaining Walls for 5.41 miles of NC Highway 194 for the NCDOT.

Parkdale Mills

Site development for an expansion and renovation of the Parkdale Mills plant in Mountain City, TN. The project consisted of development of nearly 12 acres and more than 400,000 sf of manufacturing facility. Our scope included demolition of existing parking and storm facilities, 3,600 LF of storm drainage, 70,000 CY of cut to fill/waste, 20,000 ton of building and parking stone placement, erosion control and asphalt paving. In a second phase we demolished 65,000 SF of existing concrete slab in the facility, hauled 15,000 CY from inside the building to an offsite waste pit, and hauled and placed 14,000 ton of stone back into the building for the new concrete slab.

PFG Box Culvert

A sink hole developed due to a collapsed 84″ diameter metal pipe between 2 active businesses. Our scope was to remove the damage pipe, pump the creek around the excavation, install trench boxes and a new 9′ x 10′ concrete box culvert. After installation we backfilled and dressed the site and provided new asphalt, concrete curb and storm drainage around the site while maintaining the businesses.


Site development for a new Publix grocery store in Boone, NC. The site was redeveloped from a previous use. Our work consisted of site excavation, storm drainage, water, sewer, driveway and parking lot reconstruction, site concrete, paving and a new traffic signal for the store entrance on US 321.

Appalachian State University Stadium Steam Manhole Replacement

Underneath Appalachian State’s Stadium parking lot was a large steam manhole that was rapidly deteriorating. We excavated and demolished the old manhole while maintaining traffic around the site and keeping the steam line active. Our scope also included boring for vent piping and drain lines, site concrete, backfill, and erosion control.